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At Ina Wellbeing, we are aware of that influences and impact that diet and exercise have on a person's ability to smile and live a happy life. Lifestyle plays a major role in both our general wellbeing and our overall confidence. Ina Wellbeing focuses on helping you to improve your lifestyle and live a healthier life. From nutrition advice and managing weight loss to staying fit with Pilates, we have a range of services in place to help you meet your goals.


""Bina helped me to understand the nutritional value of foods, what I should be aiming to achieve from my diet and what a realistic weight loss target looked like. She also put in place an exercise programme alongside this which was sensible and achievable. This I believe has helped me with my relationship with food for life, resulting in steady weight loss since. She is an incredibly kind and patient teacher and I would highly recommend her services."
Sarah B

Hi, I'm Bina.
I am a weight and nutrition adviser and mat-based Pilates instructor. Sometimes life takes us on journeys which make us lose our sense of direction. With the aid of a kind, friendly hand, we can help you find your way back on a road to a happier life. This may include helping you make changes in lifestyle and exercise, improving your motivation, confidence and overall mental and emotional wellbeing.

My personal experiences have helped me to discover the help and strength that can be obtained from improving your wellbeing. Living a healthier life with a more balanced diet and nutrition creates more profound benefits than just improved health and fitness. I found friendship and support and from this, additional strength to help me at a time when I was questioning much and finding few answers. The way this changed my life created a desire to do more to help others, to share my learning, offer friendship and advice.
From this I created Ina Wellbeing - a part of the Ina Health family.

I look forward to meeting and helping you on your journey to improved wellbeing, health and happiness.

Bina Patel, Ina Health and Ina Wellbeing Founder



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